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Flaming Accordions
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Richmond & Charlottesville, VA
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Maeghan Kimball
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Whenever you need us, we
are there!

Our affordable rates are based
upon your level of need and
are calculated on an hourly or
monthly basis. Flaming
Accordions prides itself on
creating tailor-made packages
for each of our clients.
Because your needs are
unique, please call us today to
create a service plan and
pricing structure that fits your
individual requirements.
Flaming Accordions, FA, was founded on the premise that busy people need more
quality time.  We work with busy professionals and individuals, increasing their free
time.  FA was established in 2006 and services clients both locally and nationally by
helping them accomplish everyday tasks, major projects and spontaneous or
planned events.  Our experienced team works with each client on a very personal and
individual basis.  Our goal is to get to know you and understand your needs.  We listen to you,
pinpoint your needs, suggest solutions, and execute to perfection.  Whatever your requests
may be, give us a call and we’ll put quality time on your side.

Do you ever feel that by the time you finish your tasks for the day there's not much day left for
you to enjoy?  There are just too many things to do and not enough time to do them.  With
Flaming Accordions, you can now choose what you do with your time!  Let us do your jobs on
our time. We will take care of the things you HAVE to do, while you do the things you WANT to

We are an affordable luxury that buys you time, freedom, and peace of mind from all your
tasks.  Flaming Accordions is designed to give you the gift of time and enhance your quality of

Let Us Light a Fire Under You!
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